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myLiveCams is a native Android application for remote surveillance and control of your private or public network/IP cameras, webcams, video encoders and DVRs. From the creators of the top-selling mobile application "Live Cams Pro".

Our mobile apps have been ranked #1 paid app in over 40 countries (including US, Canada, Japan).
We have over 2 million active users across our mobile platforms.

Early adopter pricing is currently set! 50% off for those who buy our initial release. The price will be increased once we have grown the feature set and expanded the offering.

Be sure to use a 3G/4G flat-rate data plan or Wi-Fi connection.

Current Features:
- Support for M-JPEG IP cameras/encoders/DVRs and webcams of many major vendors
- Support for unlimited number of cameras (up to 6 cams simultaneously)
- Multiple camera layouts
- Import/export data to SD card
- Control motorized Pan/Tilt/Zoom cams
- Save snapshots to SD card
- 1-way Audio support (selective models only)
- Advanced camera settings like IR or Motion Detection on/off (more to come, selective models)
- SSL support (https protocol)

Planned improvements for future releases:
- Additional device support
- PIN security during app launch
- Create and manage groups of cameras from the master camera list
- 2 way audio support (selective models only)
- Sequence mode
- H.264 support
- In-app motion detection, recording and notifications
- Camera sharing by email
- Import/export cams to Dropbox service
- Digital zoom (pinch gesture)
- Video recording to SD/FTP/Dropbox
- Network camera search using WiFi/Ethernet
- Support for "on camera motion detection" (selective models only)

This release contains support for a large number of device manufacturers and models. It is not yet as extensive as our other platforms. Please consult our list of known supported devices before purchasing this application. We will continue to expand our device list and enhance our features with subsequent releases as quickly as possible while maintaining quality and performance.

Supported devices list (and model #s):
7Links (PX-3309-675)
A-Link (IPC1, IPC2)
Acromedia (IN/EX Series)
Activa (2800, 3100)
Agasio (A502, A603, A621, A622)
AirLink (AICN747/777, AIC500, SkyIPCam1620)
Airsight (X10 Outdoor)
Axis (all except 2400 series)
Aztech (WIPC401/402)
BiQu (F series)
Blue Iris (v3.x PC Software)
CIPCAM (see our website for full list)
Cisco (PVC300)
D-Link (DCS 2121, 5230, 5635, 9xx series, 1000, 2121, 3110, 3415, 5220, 5230, 5610, 5635, 6111)
Dannovo (J01/04/06/09, P112/113/115/116)
Dericam (501, 502, 202, 204, 205)
Digicom (IP Camera 100)
EasySE (F1/F2/IR1, M2/M2E/IR2/H3e)
EasyN (H3, HS)
Eminent (EM-6561)
Evocam (Mac webcams)
Eye Sight (607, 611)
Foscam (86xx/890x/891x/98xx series)
Heden (generic)
Hootoo (generic)
Horstek (VC 19W)
iBaby (generic)
iCam+ (i918W)
InCam (generic)
Instar (6011-HD)
IPcam Central (8900 series)
Ipux (1310)
KaiCong (SIP series)
Kinson (F256)
Lilin (CMX Software, IPD112ESX, IPD2220ES, IPD322ESX, IPG012ES, IPG1022ES, IPG1052ES, IPR31ESX, IPR414ESX, IPR434ESX, IPR614ES, IPR712S, IPR742S, IPR824ESX, NVR Touch)
LTS (830)
MOLOC (see website)
MyiHome (AirLinkWifi)
Netcam Studio (PC webcams)
ProCCTV (CamView J, PetzView)
SagaEye (generic)
Sharx (2606, 2607, 2700, 3605, 3606)
SmartHome (75790)
Solwise (SEC-C1062)
Sparklan (CAS-673)
Spy On A Bird (generic)
Storage Options (SON-IPC1)
SunEyes (FJ01/02/03/04/05)
Tenvis (391, 601/602, JPT3812/13/15, MINI319, PT7131/7132)
Toshiba (see our website for current list)
Trendnet (IP110/121/212/252P/312/422/512/522/551/572/612)
Vivotek (see our website for current list)
Vue Eye (generic)
Wansview (NCH series)
WebcamXP (PC webcams)
WifiBaby (WFBYMK4-N)
Y-cam (Cube, Black, White, Knight, Bullet)

Contact us at:
Email -
Web -
Twitter - @eggmantech
Facebook -

Recent changes:
Added D-Link 9xx series and model 1000 support
Added Blue Iris support (PC software for webcams and network DVRs/cameras)
Added HTTPS/SSL support
1-way audio for Foscam 9820 and 86xx series
Added selected Vivotek, Toshiba, Cisco, D-Link, MOLOC, CIPCAM models
Audio now working for IP Webcam for Android
More on-camera options for various models

Give us a positive review to encourage our development efforts! We have much more to do!

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