Windows 8 Metro Launcher Pro

Windows 8 Metro Launcher Pro

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Windows 8 Metro Launcher for your Android Device.


# Beautiful metro screen
# Organize your apps on your metro screen.
# Configure your wallpaper, even live-wallpapers
# Acces all installed apps.
# Rearange apps with drag'n'drop.
# Quicksearch of all your apps
# Charmbar.
# Support of most device sizes.
# Quickbuttons for important apps such as Email, Internet, Store, etc..
# Change userpicture

This launcher is still in progress. Und will be omptimized. So please leave your feedback.
If you have any problems with this app, please let me know: myfknoll(at)

Stay tuned for upcoming changes.

#How can i start this App?
- In fact it's an Launcher, you can simply start it with the home-button and select this Launcher.
If you already selected a other default launcher, you first have to clear the default config in your settings.

# How can i open Settings of this App?
- Settings are not yet implemented

#How i can reach all my apps.
- There are some methods:
1.) Click on "Start" on the left top corner of the home screen
2.) Open your charmbar and select "Search" or "Start"

#How can i open the charmbar?
Swipe from right to left. Make sure that you start swiping on the right border of your device

#How can i uninstall this launcher?
- Go to your settings, select this application and uninstall application.
If you enabled the device admin, you have to remove the app as device admin in your system settings.

Tags: Microsoft, Metro, Launcher, Windows , Win8, Home

Recent changes:
# Fixed some usabilty/scrolling bugs.
# Fixed timeformat of the android settings and date translations
# Fixed uninstall problem
# Appsearch
# Launcher won't appear in recent apps any more
# Crash fixes
# Fixed memory issues
# Change userpicture
# Lock your device

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