Weight Scale Digital

Weight Scale Digital

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With this weight scale you can emulate weighing of objects.
This is a prank/gag app to rig weighing of objects and supports both grams and ounces. It features a futuristic looking user interface and packed with useful features.

Calibration of the weight sensor must first be done through the mode menu. You must first select the M button and then go to calibrate in order to set up the amount. Otherwise if no input is detected and ‘weigh’ button is selected you will immediately be prompted to enter a value.
Supply a preset weight in the settings menu to rig measurements to prank family and friends. Can also be used on a tablet.
* Install to SD card
* Supports Grams and Ounces
* Supports tablets and Android 3.0 / Honeycomb

Use this scale to calculate weigh by first calibrating. With this digital pocket scale you can weigh anything including diamonds, gold and even jewelry. Actually it can do anything you want it to do! To measure simply place an object on the touch screen and select weigh on the weigh scale interface. You can estimate the weigh with this weigh app and prank your friends. This scale app will help you easily rig measurements.

Latest version: 1.0 (for all Android versions)
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