Memory Swapper Free

Memory Swapper Free

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This app Memory Swapper Free is a tool to set the high buffer.
And extending memory is used for the non active application,such as music player.browser,maps,etc.
Require Root and SD card.
Swapper can shorten the lifespan of your SD card.

Actually,it works like the virtual memory of the computer.
Before you turn on the swapper,you can set first in the configuration by clicking the menu button.
Swapper preferences Settings:
1.Set to enable swap and set swappiness at the startup
2.Set the file name for swap file.
3.Set the size of swap file.
4.Set how much to swap.
5.Set if to unmount swap before sharing SD card
6.Set if safe remount swap after sharing SD card
8.You can also set some advanced preference if you are an experienced user.

-use swap partition
-swap partition
-recreate swap file to select if delete swap file after swap off and create before swap on
-reformat swap to select if format swap each time swap is enabled
-Busybox location and command

Please note:if you activate the app,whiling uninstalling,please to to setting->Location & security ->Select device administrators->deactivate the Memory Swapper Free.

Don't hesitate to install it to your phone.
I believe your phone is waiting for it.
Any bugs,please drop us an email!

This is the free version, so you will understand that we need to use ads so we can develop more useful and funny things. This app may use your notification or icon ads, but you will easily opt-out or just ignore them. If you don't agree with these ads, please don't install it, thank you.

In DOS memory management, extended memory refers to memory above the first megabyte of address space in an IBM PC or compatible with an 80286 or later processor. The term is primarily used under the DOS and Windows operating systems. DOS programs, running in real mode or virtual x86 mode, cannot directly access this memory, but are able to do so through an application programming interface called the extended Memory Specification .
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