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Litecoin Buzz Feeds

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Litecoin Buzz Feeds is an all-in-one application giving you instant access to litecoin (LTC) feeds and updates. The research has been done for you -- instantly -- through this app. No longer will you need to spend countless hours of research about the LTC (Litecoin) Industry. Litecoin Buzz Feeds has centralized to provide you with the most updated content on the net, at your finger tips of this Free Litecoin application for Android Users only.

Features of LTC (Litecoin Feeds App)
You will have access to instant litecoin updates all about Bitcoin news, trade exchanges, wallet choices, earn free litecoins, twitter feeds, youtube videos, images, articles, current litecoin (LTC) values/prices and to USD/bitcoin/other currencies, litecoin stores/shops, buy/sell litecoin (adding soon), forums and discussions, and much more to come. All for the low of those little shinny (LTC) litecoin.

Litecoin Buzz Feeds is in BETA Stages V1.0+
Your feedback is important to our overall goals to improve this free app. Please feel free to contact our developer team with your thoughts and opinions. If you want to contribute to helping litecoin Buzz Feeds grow its application, we are looking to collaborate with independent quality writers, app developers, web app developers, and any skill sets with programming/development.

We give everyone an option to join the team!
We are not a Corporation or a Profitable Company!

litecoin Buzz Feed is a collaborative community, people like yourself has an
opportunity to join our team for the better of the Bitcoin Currency owners.

Please rate this application to the best of your ability.
Thank you from @BitcoinFeeds (also known as LitecoinFeeds)

Recent changes:
Beta 1.0 (Litecoin Buzz Feeds) launch date: 05/19/2013

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