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With Kingsoft Office you can CREATE, VIEW and EDIT commonly used desktop documents such as: Word process, Spreadsheet and Presentation files.

NOTICE: The features of opening and viewing documents of listed formats will be FREE FOREVER from now on, while the feature of saving document needs to be purchased now(US$0.99 NOW, more than 93% OFF! Read details bellow).

Kingsoft Office is compatible with MS Office file formats. This compatibility includes DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT and PPTX.
Kingsoft Office also may be the most User-Friendly office application in the Android's world. It is absolutely worth trying.
Kingsoft Office also has a close integration with E-mail which makes sharing your thoughts with others very conveniently. It will be more easier for you to send documents by Email, including the ability to edit, send, and save attachments.

With Kingsoft Office, you can edit Office documents, filter data in Spreadsheets, play slides in Presentation( and animations will come in the future).
With Kingsoft Office, you can also access to cloud storage services such as, and other WebDAV services.

And the built in 'File Manager' will help you to find your office documents on the mobile or tablet device more effectively.
And we believe that you will find more useful features for you in the application, such as supporting of animations, faster opening of documents, and abilities of open larger documents, and supporting of keyboard short-cuts, and so on. These features will be release in the future to bring you more efficiencies.

Thank you for choosing (or trying) Kingsoft Office!
And any comments and suggestions you may have with the application are welcome. Your feedback is highly valued and helps us improve your Kingsoft Office experience in the future.

Kingsoft Office Team

-- Purchase The Feature of Saving Documents--
Dear user, The feature of saving document needs to be purchased now. It is on sale for US$0.99 NOW! (We will rise the price to US$14.99 after several days.)
Your modification of a document can be saved only after you have purchased this feature.
If you choose purchase in our app, we will jump to the "Kingsoft Office Key" application's location, then you can buy and install the "Kingsoft Office Key" application to unlock the feature.
We released several trail versions before, if you upgrade to current version, these earlier trails will also be ended automatically.

-- Changes in 4.0.2 --
New: For Presentation, a new and intuitive user interface;
New: For Presentation, the ability to view .PPTX formatting;
New: For Presentation, a new thumbnail browsing feature;
New: For Presentation, a new flip feature for changing between slides;
New: For Presentation, the new feature of Playing Slides;
New: For Presentation, a new touch-highlight feature, to simulate a laser pen effect;
New: For Presentation, the ability to edit textbox content in slides;
New: For Presentation, the ability to save your documents as .PPTX files (need payment);
New: For Spreadsheets, the ability to create document.
Improved: In the Writer, the document will scroll easily and smoothly when you slide the pages rapidly;
Improved: In the Writer, the enhanced ability to scroll with inertia in document;
Improved: In Spreadsheets, remembering the toolbar states(expanded or not).
Fixed: In Writer, unable to auto-scroll the search result to the visible viewport;
Fixed: In Writer, unable to present fill color of som pictures.
Fixed: In Writer, unable to show some special shape-objects;
Fixed: In Writer, lost the the ENTER character after pasting;
Fixed: In Presentation, some font sizes were being displayed incorrectly;
Fixed: In Presentation, for some particular devices, the text were distorted owing to a compatibility problem.

Recent changes:
Dear user, from this version, the features of opening and viewing documents will be permanently free. At the same time, the feature of Saving Document will require your payment now. You can pay within the software or buy a SN. You can check out for the detailed information at Google Android Market or at our website: And in this update, we released many important features and improvements(support PPTX format, etc) please check out the App OVERVIEW for details.

Latest version: 4.0.2 (for Android version 2.1 and higher, supports App2SD)
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