Keyrion Lite - GR WiFi

Keyrion Lite - GR WiFi

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*** Keyrion - The Ultimate Wifi Hacker for Greece ***

The Ultimate WiFi Hacker for Greece.

The best Android WEP/WPA WiFi Hacker available with the most comprehesive list of supported routers!

Routers supported:

* Thomson (until year 2011) (OTE, Forthnet, CYTA)
* Pirelli (CYTA)
* Baudtec (OTE)
* Huawei (OTE)
* Sagem (OTE)
* Askey (OTE)
* NetFasteR (HOL)

- The fastest Thomson/CYTA password recovery that is not using pre-calculated tables. Recovering a Thomson's default WEP/WPA key takes under 2 minutes on Nexus S.

- Supports copying calculated keys to clipboard for easy verification.

Keyrion can recover default wep / wpa passwords of most popular Greek internet provider's routers. The supported routers include Thomson (OTE, Forthnet, CYTA), Pirelli (CYTA) Baudtec (OTE), Huawei (OTE), Sagem (OTE), Askey (OTE), NetFasteR (HOL), ZTE (OTE). In most cases Keyrion cannot provide you with certainty the default wep/wpa password, but it provides a list of possible candidate keys that you need to verify yourself if they are actually working. Keyrion lets you copy the calculated keys to clipboard in order to make the verification process easier. Things to remember:

* Key calculation process finds candidate default wep/wpa keys for the routers of each brand. The keys will not work if the the default wep/wpa passwords are changed nor are they always 100% correct.
* This application is only supposed to be working for routers of Greek internet providers. Nowhere else.
* This application is provided for personal use in your own network environments and for recovery and vunerability testing purposes only. Illegal use of this application is strictly prohibited. Do NOT use this application to cause harm in networks that you do not own.

This work is powered by Special thanks to Newton for his support and the rest of the team!

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