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KBC 7 Pro

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Kaise Banega carorepati 7 Pro:

** Play KBC 7 and improve your knowledge and chance to select in KBC 7. **
** Enjoy the Best KBC Theme Game in The Android Market !!!

KBC 7 is an application based on the theme reality show Kaun banega Crorepati 2013.
You will have to give correct answer for each multi choice question. If you will give th right answer your next question will be unlocked and you can win certain amount and knowledge for each question.
There will be 3 levels of the application.
1) Level 1 : It is on question 5 and amount 10,000. Once have to cross this level to assure some amount.
2) Level 2: It is on question 10 and amount 3,20,000.
3) Level 3: It is on question 15 and amount 1,00,00,000.

You wil be given 3 different lifelines for each game and they are:
1) 50:50 :- Once you use it you will get only two choices insted of four to choose the right answer.
2) Double dip : When you use it, you will get two oppertunity to choose the right answer among four options.
3) Flip the question : If you don't know the right answer, you can change the question by using this lifeline.
4) You can quit the game anytime and can win your assured amoount when you don't want to play ahead.
5.call to phone option
6.challenge your friends on board
7.live score update

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Disclaimer: This Game not a part of kbc reality show ,we are using different theme and graphics ,if any one have any issue mail us we will modify
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