JusWrite Stylus Task Organizer

JusWrite Stylus Task Organizer

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The world's first stylus based organizer!

JusWrite captures the beauty of taking notes and organizing tasks just as on a notepad. Write down tasks, categorize them, set priority, mark as 'completed', set a reminder and much more… all using a stylus or digital pen on your smartphone or tablet.

JusWrite is the first prize winner at the Samsung Smart App Challenge 2012!

JusWrite is available for:

✔ Samsung Galaxy Note
✔ Samsung Galaxy Note II
✔ Samsung Galaxy S III

Stay tuned as we are adding support for more devices in the coming weeks!


✔ Jot down notes, quick and easy
With just a few clicks, write down tasks and manage them all.

✔ Categorize, prioritize and mark 'completed'
Manage notes just as on a notepad. Categorize them under useful headers. Set priority for tasks by dragging notes up or down. Strike out an item when completed.

✔ Smart reminders with quick update
With JusWrite, the notepad has gone smart – reminders pop up showing hand written notes. Even cooler, the notes can be updated straight from the reminder!

✔ Calendar mode for smarter planning
Fire up the calendar to view and manage all handwritten notes set as reminders.

✔ Share a note or backup to Evernote
Backup notes to Evernote. Have some fun too and share your doodles with family and friends on social networks!

✔ Bulk attach notes to email*
So, the list is really long and gotta email them all? No problem. Bulk attach to the rescue!

✔ Compact mode*
Compact mode for categories and notes shows more notes on the screen to glance-and-go.

✔ Themes to suit different styles*
Sharp, suave or fun? Set a theme to match every whim.

For any support, queries or suggestions, write to us at: help@juswrite.me

Stay tuned to new features, updates and releases. Follow us at:



*Premium feature
Evernote © Evernote Corporation
JusWrite © Plackal Tech. Patent pending.

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Recent changes:
✔ Snooze option for reminders
✔ Week mode in calendar
✔ New alarm tones
✔ Bug fixes and improvements

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