GOSMS Pro iPhone 5 4s theme XO

GOSMS Pro iPhone 5 4s theme XO

by xo Studio - GO theme 250 downloads, 362 kb


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*** This application DOES NOT open directly after installing (you won't see it). It MUST be applied through GO SMS PRO (FREE ON Google Play).

- Download & install GO SMS PRO, launch it.
* NOTE: You will see the theme ONLY in GO SMS PRO
- HIT MENU >THEME >FIND and APPLY "XO" theme. Now, theme's changed.

iPhone theme is designed with original iPhone color and shapes. It is for use with the free GO SMS Pro app.

** ANNOUNCEMENT: Matching theme available for GO Launcher EX to complete the customization of your phone. Search XO Studio iPhone 5 theme 4S. Want more themes? Scroll down to SECTION (E) for our themes list.

(B) [ Why GO SMS Pro is needed?] - Even if you don't download my theme, check out the latest "GO SMS PRO". It has amazing features/speed/smoothness/effects and it's FREE.
It even has free chat to save minutes/data for limited data users.

XO studio believe in making UNIQUE DETAILS themes and others. **More HOW TO's get the most out of your phone at our webpage. http://Golauncherex.blogspot.com

(D) [ Want FREE/paid themes? ]
2 SEE ALL OUR THEMES APPS --> In Google Play, search XO Studio Themes.
2 SEE MOST RECENT APPS --> Visit http://Golauncherex.blogspot.com
2 SEE LATEST APPS --> Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/@XO_studio
2 completely customize your phone, We have MATCHING GO SMS PRO and GO LAUNCHER EX themes

(E)[ Want specific title? The list is below]
Just copy title, paste and search in Google Play.
[ SPORTS themes ]:
Search XO theme (include your team name). Example: XO Lakers theme
- we have matching pairs for your favorite NBA teams. Example: Lakers themes for GO SMS PRO and GO Launcher EX.
[ iPhone themes ]
. XO iphone 5 theme 4s (This is the full version of XO iphone theme - one of the fastest growing apps in Google Play market)
. XO chrome leather theme (has iphone and android wallpapers so you have a choice)
[ Sci-fi themes ]
. XO Star Wars theme (70 icons with Darth Vader, Obi Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, darth Maul, CP3O, Yoda ....and more)
. XO Star Wars Darth vader theme (over 131 custom icons with Vader and Maul's wallpapers for the same price)
. GO Launcher MW3 theme warfare (Unique Sniper Scope app drawer and glass effect on icons)
. XO colorful circle theme 2 (Follow up to our first hit "Color Circle" theme)
[ Girls theme ]
. XO Pink butterfly theme (Cute, elegant and simple)
. XO blue butterfly theme (Elegant and sophisticated blue)
. XO Purple leopard glass effect theme (Leopard patterns and glass effects on icons)
. XO Monkey theme (we have Monkey theme for both GO SMS PRO and Go Launcher EX)
[ FREE themes ]: XO iPhone theme 4 go launcher, XO colorful circles, XO Easter theme
.:[ Charity themes ]:.
. XO purple butterfly theme (FREE) - Raise awareness of Lupus disease
. XO GO theme - Monkey 4 Rett (100% proceeds-my tax liability is donated to International Rett Syndrome Foundation)
. XO pink shoe theme GO Launcher (100%-tax donation to Jordan Slay, a 5-year-old child with Rett Syndrome)

Problem/Question: ten.designer@gmail.com
Updates/news: http://GoLauncherEx.blogspot.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/@XO_studio


NBA team logo is a trademark of the National Basketball Association. iPhone is a trademark of APPLE inc. Star wars is a trademark of Lucas film. Pictures AND graphics artwork are done by XO Studio but picture's rights are to its owners. XO Studio is not affiliated with mentioned entities.

Latest version: 1.0 (for Android version 2.1 and higher)
GOSMS Pro iPhone 5 4s theme XO SCREENSHOTS
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