ECHOVOX System 1.0 Ghost Box

ECHOVOX System 1.0 Ghost Box

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Introducing the first version of the ECHOVOX System all-in-one Echo based Spirit Communication system from the creator of SpiritVox.

Echovox was created when I was experimenting one evening using new phonetic generating software I was working on along with my real time recording app "Spirifone". Instead of using headphones with Spirifone I tried plugging a speaker in. I got loud feedback and tons of noise, I then backed of the volume and distance between the mic and the speaker and got a "ringing echo loop" going. Responses started RIGHT AWAY.

Since then I have been using this system and experimenting with new ideas to perfect it. This software is another step in that direction. I first created "Spirit Voice" to use as the audio engine for Echovox. Running Spirit Voice and Spirifone together to create Echovox. This is still a method I use and recommend. This app combines the features of the SV-1 SpiritVox 2.0, Spirit Voice & Spirifone plus a special mic gain balance built in to assist in echo control.

Now you can launch an ECHOVOX session by launching ONE app.

To use ECHOVOX in the same manner I do you at least need to use an EXTERNAL SPEAKER. I use:|CategoryProductList|801162p

I also use a "Y" cable to split the output to the speaker AND headphones. This is the BEST method for running Echovox.

However Echovox will run on the phone speaker if the "media volume" is set to about 50% enabling you to hold your phone to your ear and run it. This is not the best method to use but it will get the job done.

THEORY: This is the result of hours of experiments in the field, it is still a work in progress. What I think is that the echo not only makes it easier for spirits to communicate, it makes it easier for THEM TO HEAR US. The echo is actually a chaotic loop of your RECORDED voice and environmental sounds. A virtual soup of sound and frequencies impossible to predict. This chaos seems to work.

This software will be updated often as work progresses.

Echovox is used by Barry Fitzgerald of TV's Ghost Hunters International and Bill Murphy of TV's Fact or Faked Paranormal files and other leaders in the paranormal field.

The best way to learn about ECHOVOX is to watch these videos:


Listen to results from real investigations at

I support my work 100% and want to help you learn to use this correctly and help with any issues. THE BEST METHOD FOR SUPPORT IS TO FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @spiritvoxapp

"Echovox is the Real Deal!!! I am a Paranormal Investigator and used Echovox while investigating a home In Gloucester, Ma. Through spirit interaction we were directed upstairs to a Bedroom. It was here that the client was able to have a CONVERSATION with his DECEASED father. He recognized his voice and was called a nickname from his childhood! Very emotional experience!!!"

-Marc Arvilla Mass Ghost Hunters Paranormal Society

Marc in action:

ECHOVOX is in use in REAL investigations by some of the leading paranormal investigators in the world.


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