DSLR Controller (BETA)

DSLR Controller (BETA)

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DSLR Controller is the first and only app that allows you to fully control your Canon EOS DSLR from your Android device with only a USB cable. No computer or laptop required, no root required, only a compatible mobile device, a compatible camera, and the right USB cable.

NOTICE: This is a BETA / PRE-RELEASE version. The product is not finished yet and there will still be issues. Due to massive demand and a great many requests to release it is being released early. Please read the entire description (specifically REQUIREMENTS) and the discussion webpage (listed under BETA). The price will go up once v1.0 is reached, but the upgrade is free for those who have this BETA.


Features include but are not limited to:

- Live View
- Auto Focus (tap Live View)
- Manual focus adjustments in Auto Focus mode
- Histogram
- Zoom control
- Grid display
- Bulb capture
- Continuous capture
- Extensive modification of settings
--- Shutter speed
--- Aperture
--- Exposure Compensation and Bracket
--- Flash Compensation
--- ISO speed
--- Auto-Focus Mode
--- Focus and Zoom area (tap-and-hold Live View)
--- Picture Style
--- Drive Mode
--- White Balance
--- Color Temperature
--- Auto-Lighting Optimizer
--- Metering Mode

Note that available options depend on the mode you have your camera set to (M, Av, Tv, etc)


You can tap anything on screen that looks like a button to bring up a configuration dialog for that option. If an option is not available, it will not look like a button.

Additionally, after you have used an option, or you long-press said option, it will become highlighted. The highlighted option is configurable using the volume up and volume down buttons.

Tap the live view image to perform Auto Focus (if the lens is not set to Manual Focus). Tap-and-hold to move the zoom and focus area (red rectangle, availability depends on current focus mode)

The capture button works the same as the capture button on your camera, but it only does "deep" presses, not "half" presses. For example, in continuous or bulb shooting mode, tap-and-hold the capture button as long as you want to shoot.


Install the app on your device, then connect your camera. A popup should ask you if you want to open DSLR Controller. Tap yes, and you should be in business.


There are various known issues in this BETA. The most common ones are communication errors and freezes - including the live view still working but buttons not responding. When such an issue occurs, we strongly advise disconnecting your camera, turning it off and on, rebooting your Android device, and only then trying again.

Further information and discussion (MUST READ) about the BETA can be found in the XDA-Developers thread here:



There are many features on the to-do list. Including for example video support, timelapse, scripting, and image review and transfer.


- Android device with USB host support
- Canon EOS DSLR
- Correct USB host / OTG / On-The-Go cable for your device

Tablets running Honeycomb have USB host support in software. This does not guarantee hardware-compatibility.

Phones running Gingerbread or earlier do not officially have USB host support, BUT the Samsung Galaxy S2 (firmware KG1 or newer only) does support USB host. At the moment, as far as we know, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is the ONLY PHONE with USB host support available in its software.

The USB cable you use is very important. It will ONLY work with the proper USB host / OTG / On-The-Go cable for your device. "Rolling your own cable" using various USB cables and connectors you have lying around will NOT WORK.

DSLR controller has been tested with the following hardware:

- Samsung Galaxy S2 (KG1 firmware and newer)
- Motorola Xoom

- Canon EOS
--- 550D
--- 50D
--- 7D
--- 5D mk II
--- 1D mk IV

Let us know which hardware you are succesfully using with DSLR Controller !

Latest version: 0.5 (for Android version 2.2 and higher)
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