Copy Calendar Events

Copy Calendar Events

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Copy Calendar Events allows you to copy or move calendar events among your Android calendars directly on the device. It operates using calendar providers so you can also copy or move events to and from non-Google calendar providers, such as PC Sync.

You may copy at once either all or selected events as well as include or exclude past, public and private events.


- Option to move events; this deletes events in the source calendar after having been successfully copied to the target calendar (this requires write access to the source calendar)
- Preview shows all events that will be copied or moved (you can exclude individual items)
- Option to include past events (recurring events are always included)
- Option to exclude rejected or cancelled events
- Options to prevent copying event title or location and description
- Option to prevent copying reminders and/or guest lists
- Option to replace existing events in target calendar to prevent duplicates
- Allows emptying the entire target calendar before copying or moving events (by default events are merged into the target calendar)
- Option to prevent sending invites; depending on the personal notification preferences guests may receive a notification when an event has been copied, which can be useful as it allows guests to update their attendance status in the target calendar, however, when you just want to create a backup of events sending new invites may not be desirable - this option allows stripping the guest's email address while keeping the guest's name
- If the event organiser is the source calendar's owner the new organiser of the copied event is automatically set to the owner of the target calendar
- Compatible with Android 2.2+


If you do not see all events from your corporate calendar (Exchange) there is a chance that not all events are synchronized to your device. You can change the synchronisation period (Days to sync) under Settings > Accounts & sync > Account settings.

Some PC Sync calendars on Android 2.x mark all events as cancelled, meaning you cannot use the option to exclude cancelled events (no events would be selected at all).

The Internet permission is used for error reporting only.


If you have any questions, please send an email to:


calendar, calendars, event, copy, transfer, move events, backup events, duplicate, sync, batch, automate

Recent changes:
A free demo version is available.

Version 1.3.1
- New Privacy option to copy events as public or private
- Fixed a problem with duplication of certain types of events

Version 1.3
- New options to prevent copying event title or location and description; useful if you only want to share busy schedules (and you also exclude the guest list)

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