Chinese Open Face Poker Free

Chinese Open Face Poker Free

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Millions of hands played each month! Try your hand at Chinese Open Face Poker, the hottest new variation of poker out there. Chinese Open Face Poker App's sophisticated design offers users a completely customizable gaming experience and it is the only app to feature popular gaming styles like Fantasy Land and Criss-Cross. This 2-4 player game is played in the same fashion as Chinese Poker and each player makes 3 poker hands out of 13 cards. In Chinese Open Face Poker, players begin with 5 cards and each player draws and places one card at a time until 13 is reached. Bonus points are awarded for making "royalties" like flushes, straights, full houses and four of a kind. For comprehensive online tutorials, visit From seasoned professionals to brand new poker players, Chinese Open Face Poker App connects thousands of gamers from around the world in poker matches every day!

Recent changes:
Version 2.1.1:
- Bug fixing

Version 2.1:
- Support for multiple languages: Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, French
- Change cards size for small screens
- Bug fixing
- Fix for "Invalid package error"
- Round indicator on table

Version 2.0:
- Support for Nexus 7
- Chat
- Highlight last moved card
- UI Improvements (New UI for Active Games and Buddy List, Show password characters, Loading indicators)
- Bug fixing
- Sort active games lists by turn

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