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Adobe Photoshop CS5

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Incredible in-camera retouching and paint realistic images brought to mind a lot of functions, support for 64-bit computing with a wide range of improved work processes, new tool "Mix-brush" ... eat all the advantages of the new graphics editor Adobe Photoshop CS5 now! This video course presents a comprehensive overview of Adobe Photoshop CS5, considered its main features, as well as all the innovations by which image processing has become more fast and easy. Listen and learn with us! Contents: 1. New in Adobe Photoshop CS5 2. Interface 3. Switch the working environment 4. Working with the panels 5. Panel Entitled "History" 6. Opening a document 7. Creating a document 8. Saving the document 9. Navigating the workspace 10. Working with Layers 11. The mask 12. Working with channels 13. Working with the guides 14. Working with color palettes 15. Change the image size 16. Cropping images 17. The transformation of the image 18. Color modes 19. Adjustment layers 20. Fill in view of the contents of 21. Puppet strain 22. Overview of the toolbar 23. Selection. Working with the magnetic lasso tool 24. Working with the tool "Magic Wand" 25. Instrument "Quick Selection," 26. Tools "Brush" and "Pencil." 27 Tool "Changing Colors" 28. Tool "Mix brush." ​​29 The tool "Eraser" 30. Tools "gradient" and "Fill '31. Tool "Healing Brush" 32. Tool "Spot Healing Brush." ​​33 Tools "patch". 34 Red Eye Removal 35. Tool "Stamp" 36. Tools, "Blur", "Sharpness" and "Finger" 37. Tools "Dodge" and "Burn" 38. Tool "sponge." 39 Basic information about filters 40. Filter Gallery 41. Search "plastic". 42 Filters blur 43. Tools for working with vector objects 44. Working with Text 45. Styles 46. Create a new 3D-layer 47. Management Tools dimensional objects 48. Creation of 3D-surfaces 49. Preparing images for publication on the Web 50. Saving and optimization for the Web 51. Printing images This audiobook in Russian.

Latest version: 1.0 (for all Android versions)
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